UK Based Artist Jj Appleby Join SAMRO To Promote His Songs In South Africa

From Jamaica to Great Britain in the early era of soul and colour music Jj Appleby joins the wolrd known band equators.

JJ Appleby is a Jamaican singer, songwriter and perfomer.

Recently Jj release hit single “Never Fail” record trending all over the word . With his links with Mo-afriquè international records in soutth africa JJ have been able to in the heart of fans and lovers who sing along his latest release both  audio and video . According to Jj tge video will be soon playing on oir screens and africans as a hole should expect him soon when ever shows and events are confirmed for him. ” He said i love africa and always looking forward for something massive down there to show what am capable of in music as a performer. Read more about Jj Appleby and his music journey.

Personal style is unmistakable and reflects the region style from where he belongs
The well known multi talented musician was born in Kingston (Jamaica) and was moved to England at tender age,

He has performed in various singing and dancing competitions as a child, and rose to fame in the late 1990s as a strong member of the successful band known to the world as ”THE EQUATORS”.
The Equators toured the UK,Spain and New Zealand.

He got two Albums and number of singles to his credit since he went solo few years ago
You will find a rich list of songs composed and sung by JJ Appleby in SoundCloud,and last one isHis debut album ”SITUATION” was released in the year 2009, second album entitle ”The Greatest Love” was out early 2014.One of the most popular songs that already enjoy wide appreciation from the audience is THE BEAT,now released on youtube:

And if you like also listen :

This singles still doing great enjoying massive air play in various countries Such as, Spain, Ghana, Jamaica, the Uk , New zealand etc.

He also won an award with this same album in Chicago, September 2014 for the BEST SOUL ALBUM of the month organize by one of the biggest Entertainment websites in the country called POZE,

jj awr

Check it below where you can find :

JJ Appleby as a versatile musician does all round music, he got gospel, love , Reggae, soul music, etc. and all his songs are available online… Reverbnation, Soundcloud and his Official Website:

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